The Advent of Precision Medicine: How Your Genes Influence Disease and Drug Response

Thursday, March 19, 2020 | 5:30 to 7 p.m.
Roseman University Summerlin Campus | One Breakthrough Way, Las Vegas, NV 89135

Light Dinner Provided

Among today’s healthcare innovations is the burgeoning field of Precision Medicine, which allows doctors to more accurately predict what treatment and prevention strategies will be most effective for each patient. Using genetic or molecular profiling, healthcare can be designed to be more efficient, efficacious or therapeutic for particular groups of patients. Also known as Personalized Medicine, this kind of medical care allows for collection of genomic information that can aid larger population studies in the future, which can help prevent diseases at an early stage, while reducing the cost of treatment and mitigating the side effects often associated with them. Meet Dr. David Rawlins, Associate Professor and Interim Assistant Dean for Research in the College of Pharmacy at Roseman University. Dr. Rawlins brings his knowledge as a PhD, a researcher, and former researcher at some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies to our guests to help everyone understand how our genetic code may hold the keys to our health outcomes.


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